Escape From Polygamy

Holding Out Help offers a new life to families fleeing fundamentalist mormon households

Tonia Tewell hung up the phone and jumped into action. She and her husband pulled together all the sheets and blankets they could find and made up the beds in their basement. They stocked the downstairs refrigerator.  Half an hour later, the doorbell rang, and on their stoop stood the family they were expecting: a woman with her mother and three children, fleeing their own home and ready to begin a new life here in theirs. The women and girls were all dressed in simple, handmade cotton dresses, the boy in jeans and a plaid, button-down shirt.  At their feet was a box of books and two trash bags full of hastily gathered possessions—all they had been able to bring from the fundamentalist Mormon community they had just risked everything to leave. Read more of this article written by Andrea Cumbo…

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  1. MW Arnold says:

    Thank you for your article. I learned of “Holding Out Help” from a film review this morning: Sons of Perdition. My hope was to find that HOH was not a Mormon (LDS) organization, and yet learned so much more.

    I am now earnestly considering how I might support the group financially.

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