Damaged but Not Condemned

God longs to repair the world through our prayers

A few years ago, while driving to a speaking engagement in Los Angeles, I flinched as an airborne object hit my windshield. Ding! The projectile smacked the bottom right-hand side of my windshield, leaving a small crack. But over the course of several weeks, the crack crept west until an arc-shaped horizontal line had trav-eled its entire width. I was frustrated—but also cheap. I decided to leave it alone. After all, the fracture no longer had room to grow. Enter three years later—same crack, same window. Yet something had changed over time—something in me. the crack had become an accepted—in other words, acceptable—part of my view. Deep down I knew the crack distorted what should have been a perfectly clear view. But by ignoring it, by looking past the crack rather than repairing it, I had absorbed it into what I considered to be normal. Read More…

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