Connecting for Good

“Digital inclusion is one of the most important social justice and economic development issues of our day,” says Michael Liimatta, president of Connecting for Good in Kansas City, Mo. He calls the unconnected “a growing underclass” who are unable to apply for jobs online, connect with family and friends, or access educational resources or health information. “They are shut out of the benefits of connectivity that most of us take for granted.”

But since 2011, Liimatta has been changing all that. Last year alone, Connecting for Good trained over 1,000 people from under-resourced urban neighborhoods in its free digital life skills classes, brought free in-home Wi-Fi internet to about 500 families in three low-income housing projects, and refurbished and sold 600 donated computers at low cost to qualifying students. It has built and continues to expand an innovative network of interconnected microwave dishes for increased access, both in people’s homes and via free hotspots in strategic locations. The organization also offers tech support to cash-strapped nonprofits.

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