Coloring Inside the Lines

An  art  teacher  on discovering  beauty  through the  things  that  constrain  us by Matt Appling

When God formed the universe, he set limits on the sea to separate it from the land. he set the atmosphere around earth to separate it from space. and he created life. he made plants to be immobile, rooted to the ground. he made elephants with trunks but no hands. he made fish to swim but not to walk. he made cheetahs to run fast, but he gave them small hearts so they can only run short distances. When god formed Adam from the dust, he didn’t make him the strongest or fastest animal. he made Adam rather delicate, with skin that needed shade from the sun and feet that needed protection from the ground. he made Adam to need to eat and sleep and follow all kinds of routines born of the limitations of his body and mind. and god told Adam and eve that one day they would return to the dust. god created a world restrained by gravity, constrained by innumerable physical laws. he created animal and plant life, each kind with its own strengths and limitations. and he created humanity to live and die by all kinds of constraints. god created all of these constraints and limitations—and called them “good.” that’s the lesson we didn’t learn as third graders. or we forgot it and we’ve been paying the price ever since. Read the full article

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