A More Sustainable Peace

Healing comes to Sierra Leone, thanks to the Fambul Tok movement of community-led reconciliation.

Sahr and Nyumah grew up as best friends. But that was before the war.While attempting to flee their village in eastern Sierra Leone when invading rebel forces attacked it in 1991, the two boys were captured and ordered to kill. Sahr was given a knife and told to murder his own father. He refused. The knife was given to Nyumah, and a gun was put to his head. Once he had killed Sahr’s father, Nyumah turned and beat Sahr to a pulp.1This was war, and it would be an 11-year nightmare.When a peace treaty was eventually signed, those who survived the war did their best to return to life as usual. Villag-es that had been burned to the ground had to be rebuilt from scratch. Families and their ways of life had to be pieced back together. Read more….

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