15 Things You Can Do To Live Longer

A study comparing adults ages 85 to 105 to younger people found that these older adults slept more regularly and consistently than those younger others. So if you want a better chance of living to 100, give yourself a regular bedtime. That said, a huge study of nearly 37 million subjects found no connection between insomnia and a greater risk of mortality.

Advice For Healthcare Simplified

While getting good sleep may help you live longer, a lack of sleep is unlikely to actively shorten your life. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight isn’t just another item on this list—it’s a cornerstone of long life.

Fundamental Factors Of Healthy Habits – A Background

  • Improvements in sanitation, education, affordable housing and developments in medical treatments have helped increase the average human life expectancy.
  • It’s clear that choices in how we care for ourselves early in life have a significant impact on our ability to age.
  • Heart disease and cancer account for nearly 50% of deaths in both men and women and accidental death accounting for nearly 25%.
  • The CDC’s study shows that the top 3 causes of death account for an overwhelming 75% of the deaths in the US.
  • What you eat, how you exercise, the quality of your life’s relationships and the overall consistency of mental health have a great impact on how long you live.
  • The key to a long life is understanding how to overcome diseases.

In As You Like It, Jaques declares, “Man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.” The first five embody promise and power—infant diet plans to lose weight, schoolboy, lover, soldier, and success. The late phases are entirely negative—pantaloon, a period as the butt of jokes for looking old and becoming impotent; then second childishness, a descent into senile dependency. As life expectancy and health span increase, the seven ages may demand revision, with the late phases of life seen as a positive experience of culmination and contentment.

Products marketed to senior citizens are already a major presence on television, especially during newscasts and weathercasts. Advertising pitched to the elderly may come to dominate the airwaves, assuming there still is television.

People who keep their bellies trim have reduced risk of some of humanity’s deadliest diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. Paying careful attention to the calories you eat every day—especially your consumption of processed sugar and saturated fat—can help you see what changes you need to make. For people who are overweight or obese, changing your diet can add extra healthy years to your life. However, if you have certain medical problems like diabetes, it may help to discuss a diet plan with a certified dietitian. Should large numbers of people enjoy longer lives in decent health, the overall well-being of the human family may rise substantially.

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