Writers Guidelines

We accept unsolicited submissions for several sections of our ESA blog/website. Query letters are sometimes enough to pique our interest and convince us to work with a writer unknown to us, but in general we prefer to read an entire manuscript. (Queries should always be accompanied by examples of published writing.)  We look for pieces anywhere from 800 to 1000 words.  If you have good photographs to accompany the story, please email them to us.  New writers should be prepared to work on spec, as assignments are only rarely given to writers we have not yet worked with.

We do not publish poetry or fiction.

Payment is approximately $50 for up to 800 words; payment is made within 30 days of publication.

The subjects we are most open to include social justice features, Christianity and how it relates to contemporary culture, holistic ministry profiles, spiritual challenges.

Submissions should be emailed to ESA’s director of communications, Kristyn Komarnicki.


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