Just Eating

Bringing affordable nutrition to the nation’s food deserts“And when the dew had gone up, there was on the face of the wilderness a fine, flake-like thing, fine as frost on the ground … and Moses said to them, ‘it is the bread that the lord has given you to eat'” (Exod. 16: 14-15).

For 40 years, in the form of manna and quail, God provided the wandering Israelites with access to food that was not only satisfying but also nutritionally fortifying. Many Americans today, however, live in poor urban areas that lack access to affordable, nutritious food, particularly fresh produce. Known as “food deserts,” these areas are defined as census tracts where 20 percent of residents qualify as low-income and at least 33 percent of the population live more than a mile from a supermarket or large grocery store.

Read the full article by Emily A. Dause and “Waste Not, Want Not by Halee Gray Scott

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  1. It is sad to see how poor people are struggling to survive and what kind of food they have to use as their diet.

    There is though a way that even people with a low income or even no income at all can have some healthy and tasty meals on a regular basis.

    They can simply grown their own organic fruit and vegetables with the help of earthworms. Worms can recycle any organic waste ranging from food scraps, to tea bags, coffee ground to grass clippings, leaves and many other organic materials and convert them into the richest and most balanced plant foods known to man.

    This can be done virtually anywhere even in a plastic bag or an old tin. We have grown the most spectacular and tasty strawberries, spinach, tomatoes, herbs and many other vegetables in very simple set ups that cost virtually nothing.

    If everybody would recycle his or her organic waste and grow edible produce with it we could produce enormous amounts of nutritious food on window sills, back yards, roofs, the pavements or even on walls.

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