Exactly just exactly What baseball player stated to own had sex with 20,000 women?

Exactly just exactly What baseball player stated to own had sex with 20,000 women?

Numbers Game. Wilt the Stilt showing from the he scored 100 night. But, 100 exactly exactly what?

PHILADELPHIA (Sportsman’s frequent Wire Service) — Next week probably the most dominant player of their or perhaps any age in professional baseball will get a posthumous honor for their exploits from the court. Wilt Chamberlain, whom passed on in 1999, won NBA titles in Philadelphia and l . a . but still holds a few NBA records for this but perhaps no record is more astonishing than the amount of women the Hall of Famer professed he slept with day.

Chamberlain boldly claimed in their autobiography that is second View from Above” which he had intercourse with 20,000 various women.

Although the baseball great’s staggering claim has been refuted by many people, the NBA nevertheless seems provided Chamberlain’s status, it really is suitable the accomplishment be officially recognized. “At first we wished to get one photo that is large of the ladies he screwed and raise it to your rafters of each and every arena into the league,” stated NBA spokesman Larry Chismar. “But no body may find a lens that may photograph 20,000 ladies. Therefore we’re just hoping to get a picture that is nice of smiling Wilt along with his cock inside the hand. We believe that’s much more appropriate.”

“It’s about fuckin’ time, — that has been really the working name of Wilt’s unpublished 3rd autobiography, “It’s About Fucking Time,” said previous teammate and other Hall of Famer Hal Greer. “I’d note that dude plow 3 or 4 women an easy night. I recall the evening he scored 100 points. He really scored 125, if you catch my drift.”

Another teammate that is former Cunningham agrees. “Wilt had them prearranged around the block. All sorts of females. He’d turn on that charm and so they had been putty inside the arms. He’d sing them tracks as he ended up being getting right down to company. He previously a heluva voice that is singing. Any such thing by minimal Anthony additionally the Imperials and also you knew he’d at the least three ladies going during the time that is same. Often we’d simply walk in and sing with him.”

But Alice Tinsley of Camden, nj-new jersey claims she slept with Wilt at the very least 1,000 times which might really reduce the so-called women that are“different total. “I utilized to put on my locks differently all of the time,” the 63 year Tinsley that is old stated. “He ended up being constantly calling me personally Ashley, Allison, Alberta, Annie, Alva, how to find a real ukrainian bride Aida, every thing but Alice. Therefore that knows? He may have lost count after he began tappin’ my ass.”

Additionally, a previous producer associated with the acclaimed children’s reveal, Sesame Street, claims that during an look into the mid-70s, Wilt had relations with seven “extras.” “If you count puppets, add seven to Wilt’s last tally. In the event that you don’t count puppets – and honestly We don’t – you could desire to subtract seven because it’s most likely you can find at least that numerous ready puppets — and Lord understands just just exactly what else — on the list of 20,000 he presumably bedded.”

NBA great Bill Walton claims the real total doesn’t matter.

“Wilt ended up being as prodigious from the court as up up on. The quantity had been means, method up here. We don’t give a shit just just just what Alice Tinsley states. She ended up being passed away across the league more times than the usual roach clip at a Grateful Dead concert. And I also should be aware of.”

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