EPA 2012 Awards

Congratulations to PRISM writers and staff for bringing home three awards from the Evangelical Press Association this year. “Walking on the Edge for the Lord” by Tonetta Landis won 2nd place in the first-person article category; “A More Sustainable Peace” by Tim Hoiland won 2nd place in the general article (long) category; and “Human Capital,” an interview with Joshua DuBois of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, won 5th place in the interview category.

Genesis Awards 2012

Kendra Landon Juskus won the Humane Society’s William Wilberforce Award  for her article in PRISM magazine (July/August 2011 issue), A Call to Compassion from Our Brothers the Animals.

This is her acceptance speech, given in March 2012 at the 26th Genesis Awards, held in Beverly Hills, CA.

“Thank you for this unique honor. It recognizes an article that developed out of an assignment to reveal to a primarily evangelical readership how animal welfare has long been a part of Christian tradition and ought to remain so. In writing it, I wanted to make sure I presented more than a justification for adding animal welfare to readers’ to-do lists. Fortunately, something much more hopeful emerged. I discovered that acts of care for animals, by drawing on the Christian virtue of compassion, can be part of what William Wilberforce, the namesake of this award, called a “reformation of manners.” We might less quaintly call it ethical transformation of ourselves and our society.

There are those who argue that if we care too much for animals, we might not care for human beings. I think Wilberforce, who not only fought for animal welfare reform, but also for education for girls, fair labor laws, and the abolition of the slave trade, might call this a convenient excuse for not caring at all! Because as Elaine West, who I interviewed for this article, put it, “Compassion is not a finite quality.” She should know, as her sanctuary for abandoned and mistreated pigs keeps outgrowing its bounds.

Acts of compassion foster other and greater acts of compassion. Compassion is like a muscle; it needs to be exercised. And I wanted to give readers of this article a great, hopeful vision: that the more we exercise this muscle on behalf of animals, the more practiced we will become at living lives that are compassionate on every level. I am grateful to PRISM magazine and Kristyn Komarnicki, its editor, that I had the opportunity to explore that vision in this article, and I am humbled to have it honored in this way by the Humane Society.

Thank you.


PRISM wins three more Evangelical Press Association Awards this year

At the EPA Awards, presented in Colorado Springs in May 2012 to honor the best work done in 2011, PRISM took three prizes: first place for Jan Johnson’s “Jobs Not Jails” (about gang members who seize the chance to turn their lives around) in the general article category; third place for Bruce Main’s A Costly Thing to Waste” (about how we can’t afford not to educate ‘at-risk’ youth) in the first-person article category; and third place for Amy Sherman’s “No Such Thing as a Free Loan” (about predatory lending to the poor) in the reporting category.

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