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    Catostrophic Climate Change

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    Urban Church Plant(ation)s

    by Christena Cleveland “If you are preparing to do [urban ministry] and you’ve never had a non-white mentor, you are not an [urban minister], you are a colonialist.” – adapted from Soong-Chan Rah Last week I had the honor of meeting with a group of urban pastors who have devoted their lives to serving Buffalo, […]

  • antifracking - DJ and wife-web

    No Boom Without Bust

    Against enormous odds, an activist fights fracking in his hometown by Aaron Foltz In many ways Williamsport, Pa., (pop. 29,304) is the perfect American city. Nestled into a river valley, it’s the town where Little League was born. The local high school team is called the Millionaires, harkening back to the days when Williamsport boasted […]

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    Confronting the Oppressor with Humanity

    Peaceful protesters get up-close and personal with Israeli soldiers Story and photography by Ryan Rodrick Beiler Mahmoud Al’aa Elddin spends most Friday afternoons in “dialogue” with the Israeli soldiers who invade his West Bank village of Al-Masara. Each week since 2006, Palestinian, international, and Israeli activists have attempted to march from Al-Masara to agricultural lands […]

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    Building the Pro-Grace Movement

    Caris helps the church navigate a “third way” approach to unplanned pregnancies by Kristyn Komarnicki Today in Chicago, every five minutes a woman will discover that she’s pregnant and didn’t plan to be. Everything she thought she knew about her future—her dreams, even her identity—will be shaken. She will need understanding and support, but what […]

  • Looking for Latino/a Liberation in a Prosperity Church: A case study

    by Arlene M. Sanchez-Walsh When I began studying the prosperity gospel among different ethnic groups, I wanted to see if the promise and proof of financial success were enough to convince adherents that they should make the leap to believing that God wanted people to be rich and that those stuck in poverty must be […]

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    The Priesthood of All Believers

    Download/View PDF by Landon Eckhardt A couple of years ago I was living and working in New York City, where I embraced the daily challenge of trying to integrate my faith with both my work life and the culture of the city. New York City has five boroughs, where more than 8 million people speak […]

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Empowering Women in Agriculture to Help Eradicate Hunger

by Jo Anne Lyon The United Nations named 2014 the “International Year of Family Farming” in an effort to highlight the potential that farming families have to eradicate hunger, preserve natural resources, and promote sustainable development. In addition, the Obama administration has been pushing to end hunger and malnutrition in Africa through initiatives that leverage […]


TV: Living Dangerously

Showtime Executive producers: James Cameron, Jerry Weintraub, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, et al. Reviewed by Rusty Pritchard Years of Living Dangerously tells us up front that it’s big. How big? It’s “the biggest story of our time,” according to the television series’ website. I’m inclined to believe them, though I’m primed to be sympathetic. My acceptance […]