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    Education Lifeline

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    Church/School Partnerships= Win/Win

    A church that wants to impact the community needs look no further than the public school by Nita Thomason “I was driving through West Dallas recently and barely recognized it,” a woman said at a recent gathering of Christian leaders. A few weeks earlier, similar sentiments were expressed among a group of friends discussing tutoring […]

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    School Equality as a Matter of Faith

    How Christians can do justice to public education by Nicole Baker Fulgham and Aria Kirkland-Harris “I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one.” Ezekiel 22:30 Despite […]

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    Confronting the Oppressor with Humanity

    Peaceful protesters get up-close and personal with Israeli soldiers Story and photography by Ryan Rodrick Beiler Mahmoud Al’aa Elddin spends most Friday afternoons in “dialogue” with the Israeli soldiers who invade his West Bank village of Al-Masara. Each week since 2006, Palestinian, international, and Israeli activists have attempted to march from Al-Masara to agricultural lands […]

  • Americans-web

    Americans Who Tell The Truth

    Painter and narrative activist Robert Shetterly helps us find our heroes Interview by Kristyn Komarnicki They are whistleblowers and lawyers, journalists and healers, peacemakers and pastors, teachers and muckrakers, artists and activists. Some are familiar luminaries—James Baldwin, Eleanor Roosevelt, Woody Guthrie, Sojourner Truth. Others are more obscure—abolitionist/freewoman Elizabeth Mumbet Freeman; advocate for the homeless and […]

  • Gospel-Jesus-web

    “That You May Prosper in All Things”

    Notes: 1.  Debra Mumford, Exploring Prosperity Preaching: Biblical Health, Wealth and Wisdom (Valley Forge: Judson Press, 2012). 2.  Kenneth Hagin, The Midas Touch: A Balanced Approach to Biblical Prosperity (Broken Arrow: Faith Library Publications, 2000). 3.  Kate Bowler, Blessed: A History in the American Prosperity Gospel (New York: Oxford University Press, 2013). 4.  Bradley Koch, […]

  • shutterstock_90544471

    Building the Pro-Grace Movement

    Caris helps the church navigate a “third way” approach to unplanned pregnancies by Kristyn Komarnicki Today in Chicago, every five minutes a woman will discover that she’s pregnant and didn’t plan to be. Everything she thought she knew about her future—her dreams, even her identity—will be shaken. She will need understanding and support, but what […]

  • Looking for Latino/a Liberation in a Prosperity Church: A case study

    by Arlene M. Sanchez-Walsh When I began studying the prosperity gospel among different ethnic groups, I wanted to see if the promise and proof of financial success were enough to convince adherents that they should make the leap to believing that God wanted people to be rich and that those stuck in poverty must be […]

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Not the End of the Story

by Rebekah Bell I grew up on a Midwestern farm surrounded by golden fields of wheat and pastures dotted with cattle. In the summer I picked warm cherries from the orchard, and in the winter I built snowmen with my siblings. It was an idyllic and carefree childhood. I approached the world with a sense […]


From the Couch Commando: Commercials

by Sarah Withrow King As much as I love television, I really hate television advertising: the volume (both auditory and quantitative), the predictability, the messaging. Though there are a few commercials that are clever, most every part of the vast majority of television advertising makes me feel sad to be human. So, at great personal […]